I just love how you don't care about me.
Hello Selena. I figured you’d come looking here for my blog that is nowhere to be found. But I do have a message for you, so read on.

I would like to talk about a few things with you.

First, I think what you’re doing is wrong. You’ve lied to me. You hate it when people lie to you, but why is it okay for you to lie to other people? You said that you didn’t love Alicia, that you didn’t like her, you called her selfish, and needy. And you told me that you would probably never get back with her again.
But you lied.
Because here you are, back with her.
I just think it’s wrong.

Second, I may not be your friend, but that dosen’t give you the right to call me names behind my back. Bitch, lonely, and anything else. It also dosen’t give you the right to hurt me. You said I was one of your best friends. You lied. You don’t hurt your friends, Selena. Which is exactly what you did to me. You hurt me. And that’s wrong. You knew I loved Alicia. And right after she hurts me, you get with her? That’s wrong. It really is. You should acknowledge that I have feelings. Because when people hurt me, I hurt myself. I did it, too. But not anymore. I’m worth more than that. You don’t care about me.

But none of that really matters to me. The one thing that bothers me, is that you don’t seem too grateful for everything I’ve done for you. Let me break it down for you- I’ve bought you your concert tickets, bought you a Christmas present, brought you to Busch gardens with me, I let you borrow my books (which I need back, by the way.), and I used to bring you to alateen every teusday night. My family used to try to make you a part of our family. But you don’t care, do you? Nope. You figured we wouldn’t be friends. So nothing I ever did matters, right? That’s how is works, right? Wrong.

I have other friends. Who care about me. Who love me.

But, I think that you confuse love. I think you’re lonely. And you have an emotional attachment to Alicia. And you keep going back to her. But I don’t think you two get the concept of love. Love is more than just sex. It’s giving back what you get. It’s being there for each other. And I don’t think you two do that. But that’s not my problem, or something to get in the way of.

I’m trying to be happy. And I don’t want someone who drags me down in life to be my friend. I hope you and Alicia are happy together. I hope you love each other and get married to each other. But most of all, I hope you have a happy rest of your life. Because I’m done trying to be in it.